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2019 is here and we’re moving full speed ahead YKC community. Welcome back to YKC. If you’re planning on attending SXSW early next month in Austin let me know.

Mini-challenge: As an avid reader, a daily reading habit has helped me considerably to not only understand myself better but make sense of the world around me as well. I suggest you pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read and read 10 pages a day for the next two weeks. Just 10 pages. Respond directly to this email letting me know how it goes.

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Some inspiration

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

-Viktor Frankl

What I’m reading

The Daily Stoic: Over the past weeks I’ve been reading more Stoic philosophy. Maybe it’s been recent intense life experiences that have me thinking about mortality and have turned me to reading these ancient philosophers. Stoic philosophy has become popularized these days because people are looking for practical tools to help them cope in these very turbulent times. To paraphrase Viktor Frankl’s time in the concentration camps, while we can’t control many situations around us, we can choose how we respond to them. Stoicism came about during difficult times in ancient Greece (and later became popularized during Roman times, particularly by Marcus Aurelius, the Philosopher emperor), and offer a toolkit for those seeking an internal locus of control.

Many of the early Stoic’s works are not particularly easy to read (or listen to) but both Tim Ferriss and Ryan Holiday have made many of these philosophers’ works accessible thru their mediums. Of particular note, The Obstacle is the Way which I am currently rereading is a good place to start with these philosophies (timely, it’s been popular reading in the NFL; How Stoicism in football could transcend the fine line between instinct and data). I consume a lot of “guru” content and feel so much of it is just a rehash of these ancient philosophies. I don’t usually recommend newsletters but I would suggest subscribing to the Daily Stoic newsletter. Every email I receive from them is insightful. There is also a mix of history, Shakespeare, and Eastern philosophy. You won’t be disappointed.

Key Takeaways:

⚪️ You’re being tested: There is a common tread in Stoic philosophy that many times no only that “bad” (remember, it’s how we interpret things, not the things themselves) stuff that happens to us have jewels of wisdom in the difficult experience, but need to happen for us to truly self-actualize. Situations in life saving from us from what think we want, giving us what we truly need to reach our potential.

⚪️ It’s a toolkit for dealing with reality: You really have everything you need. We are always seeking answers outside of ourselves, as cliche as that sounds, the right mindset is the best mental operating system there is. “Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.”

⚪️ Is happiness the apex of human experience? I get asked once in a while if I am happy. I feel bad for anyone who asks me this question because they usually get a philosophy-laden diatribe from me ;) Stoics such as Socrates were interested in how to live the ‘Good Life’ and based their philanthropies around a few virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance). Maybe it’s not chasing happiness that will bring contentment, but overcoming and learning from challenging obstacles thrust in front of us that create true fulfillment.

Stoiawesome — The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday ► Animated Book Summary
Life; squeeze that lemon

⚪️ Leading Edge: The vast majority of Jewish nonprofits will need to hire new senior leaders in the next 5–7 years. The question is: where is the talent to fill those roles? For a number of reasons, finding the right leaders to move immediately into these openings is already proving difficult. Leading Edge addresses the root causes that prevent Jewish nonprofits from having the outstanding leaders they need. To learn more and check out their job board click here.

⚪️Masa Israel Teaching Fellows: Masa Israel Teaching Fellows is a 10-month fellowship for college graduates between the ages of 21 and 35 who want to make a difference. This program is for individuals who want to contribute to the educational landscape of Israel and gain a remarkable experience abroad. No prior teaching experience is required! Immerse yourself in Israeli society and become an integral member of the city in which you live, teach, and volunteer. Learn more here.

⚪️ PureSec: Israel based PureSec enables its customers to build and maintain secure and reliable serverless applications in a trusted and safe computing environment. They’re looking for the following roles: Head of Marketing (Israel), click here. Senior Fullstack Engineer (Israel), click here.Senior Software Engineer (Israel), click here. Sales Director (New-York), click here.

⚪️ Razor Labs: A great opportunity for those who wish to enter the fascinating and growing world of Deep Learning! Tel Aviv based Razor Labs opens the next session of Future Learning, starting on February 24, 2019. If you are a talented developer, or a master’s degree graduate, you can get on the direct path to joining the AI revolution! Apply Now by emailing info@futurelearning.ai

⚪️ Twitch AWS Extension Challenge: Build a Twitch Extension for viewers, broadcasters, or both that integrates or is built with at least one AWS service. They are awarding over $25,000 in prize money, with the winner getting $15,000 and a chance to meet with Twitch leadership to discuss their Extension. Deadline February 26. For more info click here.

Solving real problems

Cinch: They are on a mission to stimulate commerce in local markets by creating communities of shoppers and businesses. They provide consumers rewards for shopping local, the convenience of a mobile wallet, and discovery of what’s happening in the neighborhood. Local businesses benefit from reaching a targeted local audience, being able to communicate and transact with their customers easily, and enjoy a network of local businesses who share their customers.

They are looking for talented and passionate people to join their team, including content and growth marketers, business success managers, and an R&D director. For more details contact shahar@cinchwallet.com

How to Use Cinch
Upcoming events + opportunities

⚪️ v3 Winter Tour 2019: Have we reached the limits of traditional venture capital? Join them in conversation with indie.vc’s Bryce Roberts on why startups are opting out of the one-size-fits-all model and looking to alternative forms of capital. 2/8 I 8 AM, Company (formerly Grand Central Tech). 335 Madison Avenue. RSVP.

⚪️ Diversity in US Startups: Gather with venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and diversity organizations at BLEND NYC to discuss the findings from RateMyInvestor.com’s study on the state of diversity in the tech industry. Learn what you can do to improve diversity in VC and startups. 2/12 | 6 PM, Company (formerly Grand Central Tech). 335 Madison Avenue. RSVP.

⚪️ AWS Data Trust in a Cloud-First World: How can startups ensure that the data they’re collecting is strictly being used for its intended purpose? Adam Ghetti, Founder & CTO of Ionic Security, will share insights on the pillars of security every cloud-based startup should consider when building their architecture and applications. Drinks, food, and networking to follow. February 12 | 7pm, AWS Loft, 350 W Broadway. Register here.

⚪️ Funny as Tech Podcast: On Feb 13th, Funny as Tech will explore: Why Is Tech So Lousy with Women?! Special guests for this tech-comedy panel show include Amanda Henning (culture writer at Mashable), Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh (founder & CEO of betwixt.us), and Kimberly Gray (founder & CEO of Uvii). It is a wonky night out where you can both learn, laugh, and ask questions. There will also be a book giveaway (3 copies) of Douglas Rushkoff’s new book, Team Human. Feb 13th, 6pm at The Underground, 123 E 24th St (b/t Park & Lex). Tickets here.

⚪️ Larger Than Life’s 6th Annual Young Leadership Gala: Join them in a celebration of love in supporting Israeli children with cancer. They’re partnering up with The Larger Than Life’s Young Leadership to build an Early Childhood Education & Recovery Center in the south of Israel! Be a part of making a change in these children’s lives. Subliminal is coming. Will you join be joining? Wed, February 13, 6:30 PM. Sony Hall, 235 West 46th Street. I love what this organization is doing, already bought my ticket, and am looking forward to attending this amazing event next Wed evening. Get Early Bird tickets here.

⚪️ NYC Bootstrappers Breakfast Mastermind: Back in NYC! They’re excited to have new mentors ready to facilitate their conversations once again. Come join entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast. At a Bootstrappers Breakfast® they have serious conversations about growing a business. This group offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. Friday, February 15, 8:30 AM. KettleSpace @Baar Baar 13 E 1st St #100. Register here.

⚪️ Mix and Mingle with ORT Next Gen NYC: ORT Next Gen NYC is a group of young professionals dedicated to promoting ORT schools and programs, which provide more than 300,000 underprivileged students around the world with the opportunity to succeed. Join them on February 19 to learn more about ORT, meet their board members, and see if ORT Next Gen is right for you! Tuesday, February 19, 6:30PM. Local & Vine, 282 Hudson St. Tickets here.

⚪️ Alleycon 2019: Columbia Business School’s annual tech conference at The Times Center. Alleycon’s mission is to drive new conversations in tech by posing critical questions that often go unasked. Their 2019 conference will ask, “Boom for Whom?“ Over the course of one day, they will explore tech’s unintended externalities. They’ll be talking to the leaders who are tackling these issues today to understand what we can do as we inherit these challenges tomorrow. The Times Center, 242 W. 41st Street, Friday, February 22, 9am–6pm. Discount code: EARLYBIRDPROF Register here.

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