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Some of you have asked me about newsletter, content writing, and social media (strategy + execution/implementation) services. I’m working with a number of clients on creating engaging content in order for them to connect with their audience in a truly authentic way.

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Some inspiration

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

-Albert Einstein

What I’m reading

How Goop’s Haters Made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Company Worth $250 Million by Taffy Brodesser-Akner: Truth is in the service of data these days. Goop’s outrageous health tips (such as bee sting therapy, where someone actually died after trying this) generated more clicks, buzz, and ultimately purchases on the site, basically creating the brand that it is. I find it hard to believe that Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t manufacture this, (or at least ride the wave of misinformation ala Trump); Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t want Condé Nast to fact-check Goop articles.

Key Takeaways:

⚪️Capital T Truth is already dead, get used to it: Sadly I believe we are entering a period of history where fake news and other manipulations of reality will only increase. Soon we’ll be living in our personal versions of reality. As Aeschylus stated over 2,000 years ago; “In war, truth is the first casualty”.

Authenticity (even if it’s manufactured) is still we crave most: With technology playing a bigger part in every aspect of our live, we’re continuing to disconnect from those around us. That’s why people are seeking what they perceive to be ‘real’, if it’s really not; Trump’s aides deliberately ‘inserting grammatical errors into his tweets to mimic his style’.

We’re still at the nascent stages of social: They’ll might be a backlash of sorts first (and some people temporary getting of social) but we hardwired to connect (and organize ourselves in a social order); the pull of social media is just too strong. It’s already moving towards this but social media will be all media.

Stelter on why Trump’s spelling errors matter
Life; squeeze that lemon

Aleph: They’ve been aggregating open positions from all Aleph portfolio companies for a while, to send talent their way. To leverage this for the whole community, they are now launching, presenting jobs across their portcos. Note: Many confidential positions don’t appear on the site. Email your CV and what you’re looking for to, and they will send you relevant opportunities.

Mdrn: Mdrn, a vertically-integrated real estate firm focused on innovative residential services ranging from investment and development, sales and leasing, management and residential technology is looking for a marketing lead. For more information, or if you know someone who might be a good fit email Lydia at

Sompo: Sompo, Japan’s 2nd largest insurance company, is building an innovation lab in Israel and are searching for a business development leader, marketing leader as well as a number of other roles. Focus areas include Insurtech, Automotive, Blockchain, Digital health, Cyber and more. For more information email Yinnov directly at

Solving real problems

Redkix: I usually feature startups in this section where I have a relationship with (and believe) in the founder. In this case I don’t but wanted to feature Facebook’s recent acquisition, Israeli startup Redkix; Facebook has acquired Redkix to build better messaging features into its Slack competitor. Facebook’s Workplace hasn’t really gained traction, but it should be interested to see how this plays out. Redkix combines email, messaging and calendar features into one app so it looks like Facebook could use the integrated app as a competitor against Slack.

Facebook and Instagram Will Show You How Much Time You Waste on Them
Upcoming events + opportunities

SXSW PanelPicker: Voting for panels at SXSW 2019 opened up this week. Whether or not you’ll be attending SXSW (I will) make sure to vote for my good friend Dan Schawbel’s panel on Connecting in the Age of Isolation. His work is really that important; as covered in this newsletter, technology (if not used properly) is causing us to lose touch with ourselves and those around us. Make sure to vote here!

Breakfast with an Investor: Elaine Gilde: They’ll be hosting Elaine Gilde of the New York Angels and Grove Street Capital. As a founding board member of the Angels, she helped to build this 125+ member, Top Ten group into a preeminent force in the early stage start-up world. Ms. Gilde invests through her own angel investment vehicle, Grove Street Capital LLC. Thu, August 9, 8:30 AM, Kettlespace @The Cannibal, 111 East 29th St. Register here.

Startup & Investor Networking Event: Paradigm Talks is holding a networking event for entrepreneurs, private investors and corporate finance professionals. Startup companies pitch for investment and will be followed by networking over drinks. Tuesday the 14th of August, 6:30pm, Floor Seven of the Americas Tower. Register here.

Breakfast with an Investor: Tom Wisniewski: With Newark Venture Partners Accelerator deadline coming up, Managing Partner Thomas Wisniewski will be their guest investor to answer any questions you might have and good news: for breakfast attendees, the deadline for submissions will be extended to August 24. FYI: The accelerator offers $200k in investing, and follow-on Funding: NVP Fund looks to double down and follow-on invest $500k to $1M in successful Labs Alums. Wed, August 15th, 8:30 AM, KettleSpace @DistilledNYC, 211 West Broadway. Register here.

Startup Grind NYC Summer Party 2018: They spend the entire year hosting amazing speakers to educate, inspire, and connect you to the New York startup community. Now it’s the chance to get together and celebrate the year. Join them for a party with friends! They’re bringing together rock stars from the local startup scene for an evening of food, drinks, sweet tunes, and games to keep your summer going strong. August 22, 6:00 PM, Alley NYC, 119 W 24th St, 2nd Floor. Tickets here.

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